Lia Vere

Captain of the Star Shadow


Lia Vere first made an appearance in Session 01 – Welcome to the Jungle. Her and her crew failed the mission for Rasmus Prush before you were brought in. One of her crew was killed, and she was forced to leave another behind. You showed sympathy for her loss, gave her a few credits for some of the gear she no longer needed and you parted on good terms.

Lia regards her crew as her family. Apparently, the last time you spoke she was in some serious debt so she started signing up for riskier jobs.

Other crewmembers:
Gand – who referred to himself in the third person as Gand. Explorer/Survivalist/Hunter
Soz Daku – Durros Mechanic
Akima Kat’ka – female Bothan gunner


Lia Vere

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