Session 01 - Welcome to the Jungle

GM Note:

We began with tying up the loose ends of the learning session. The party needed to get rid of the Krayt Fang and deal with the loot which included some spice and a pair of human captives. One captive was Dex Kimber, a human male smuggler with a Hutt bounty of 1,000 credits but claimed innocence. The second captive, Val ‘the Blade’ Raine, was a human female pirate with an Imperial bounty of 1,000 credits. She didn’t claim to be innocent at all.

After talking to the prisoners and even dosing Dex with some of the Avabush spice, the party determined that he was telling the truth about being innocent. He tried to bargain for his life with an empty promise of credits he didn’t have and with some contacts. Ultimately the party decided to let him go and even gave him the Fang. However, Val had seen Malarkey’s face and he wasn’t about to turn her in at an Imperial station, so Malarkey killed her off-screen. (This got retconned later and Malarkey wound up letting her go too, but the party still thinks he offed her)

Since the party didn’t do anything with Trex the Trandoshan Slaver except for toss him out an airlock, I retconned that, too. He died back on Tatooine instead.

Next we discussed the planet the party are going to call home for a while, the volcanic world of GX-176. In the past, corporations tried to set up industrial scale mining operations but the planet ultimately proved too unstable. It was abandoned for several decades but eventually re-discovered by smugglers. Now with the price of metals climbing so high, individuals are returning to GX-176 again.

Next, the party rolled for Obligation and, though none triggered, there were a few close calls.

Rasmus Prush (female Rodian Fixer and owner of the Neesh Nok) meets with the party to discuss a job. She wants them to travel to an uncharted planet and retrieve an artifact from an ancient temple rumored to be there. Though she had already sent another group, they came back with casualties and no idol. After some Q&A with her, Aerin tries to negotiate for more and gets a Despair (crit fail) along with some failures. Rasmus narrows her eyes and points out that she’s providing the ship and the map, so she lowers her offer to 4,500 credits and threatens to take her business elsewhere.

The party decide to take the job and everyone gives Aerin the stink eye while they walk over to meet the crew who failed the job. Lia Vere, captain of the Star Shadow, welcomes them onto her ship where they find her crew still mourning the loss of two of their own. The party give the Captain some credits, talk about what happened over a drink, and wind up buying most of her survival gear off of her. As thanks, she gives them the updated hyperspace coordinates which saves them the trouble of doing that themselves. Since Lia is behind on her payments, she’s getting desperate for credits so the party’ money helped her out a bit.

Leaving GX-176 in the Neesh Nok (Rodian for loud and obstinate), the ship’s engines belch gouts of black smoke as it accelerates out of the atmosphere. The party plug in the coordinates provided by Lia and relax for the week it takes them to travel through hyperspace. Malarkey scares up a game of cards and starts taking people’s money. Aerin tries to cheat and gets a critical failure. Malarkey takes the money and 25 credits on top of that.

The Neesh Nok drops out of hyperspace with a lurch and a backfire, but the party find themselves still in one piece near a verdant world. Urrobe decides to name it R5-K3. R5 doubts the sincerity of the gesture and bets that they won’t actually submit the required paperwork through Imperial channels.
Some scans of the planet reveal the ruins of a city which is mostly overgrown but still with enough room to land the ship. The party land, and soon discover the runed markers Lia told them about. They set out, following the markers through the harsh jungle environment.

Malarkey leads the way using his expert survival skills. Despite his precautions, however, a pack of tiny carnivorous lizards pick up the scent of the party and attack. The party land a few shots as the lizards quickly charge into hand to hand. A few cuts are inflicted before Malarkey suddenly says, “You guys are going to thank me later!” He then drops a stun grenade hitting all the lizards and all the party members with 5 extra successes. Luckily he also rolls a Triumph and decided to use that to do half damage to the PC’s. So, the party have lizard stew for dinner and R5 keeps watch while the rest of them get some sleep. In the morning, he details out the various animals he saw and strange sounds he heard.

Traveling on the next day, the party find signs of other larger creatures. The markers lead across a small river and Kriv has the idea to execute a fastball special. Urrobe hurls him across and scores 4 successes, launching the tiny bounty hunter just shy of the opposite bank. Another splash is heard upstream and Kriv quickly makes his way out of the water. He ties the rope up high and the party crosses out of reach of the large creature swimming in the murky waters.

Discovering small, man-made totems along the path, the party decide to back off a bit and sleep until nightfall. When they awaken the party try to sneak around the tribe of savage beings, but instead manage to attract the attention of a singular giant, four-armed leathery humanoid. The tribal seems unconcerned by the presence of the party, however, as he just stumbles forward and passes out at their feet.

Malarkey wants nothing to do with the feverish native, but Urrobe doctors him up. A second native emerges from the shadows wearing an eye-patch and elaborate head dress. He proclaims the wookie to be a powerful healer and says to follow him back to the tribe. The party do so, and Urrobe teaches the shaman how to create the cure using local herbs and how to properly administer the medicine to the afflicted.

The shaman answers questions about the temple, the idol, and the local environment. The most important exchange is when he tells the group, ‘You touch idol – you strong. You take idle – you die. We not kill – temple kill you. You take and no die? You keep.’

The next morning he performs prayers and sacred rites to bless the party. Aerin claims that the mumbo jumbo is actually doing something and talks to the shaman about it. However, nothing of note comes from the exchange. A few tribal guides lead the party through the jungle toward the temple. They halt to point out some ordinary-looking vines. Throwing some sticks at the flora, the party see that the vines are actually tails that snatch up the sticks like a noose. They make a mental note to be certain to avoid these in the future.

Finally, the party make it to the overgrown temple entrance and begin exploring. They encounter a few traps but they’re all busted. Eventually they discover an abandoned campsite and a short while later find the remains of the crewman Lia was holding out hope for. This trap obviously still works because the Trandoshan is in two pieces. The party disable the trap by shooting the crap out of the rails, making it safe to investigate and loot the body.

Reaching the last room of the temple, the idol sits on an illuminated platform. Offerings of rough gemstones, precious metals, bone carvings, and animal skins are scattered around the base. Hundreds of skulls stare at the idol from the floor, and the walls are covered in vines.

Some of the party dare to touch the idol, while others discuss what should be the next step. SV-3R loads his internal compartments with the loot around the base as do others. Eventually Urrobe gets tired of waiting and picks up the idol… dun dun duuuuunh! and nothing happens. That is until he starts to walk away from the pedestal.

With the grinding of wet stone the skylight slides shut, and several sets of glowing red eyes blaze to life behind the vines covering the walls. Tattered skeletons begin ripping their way out of the walls and plod toward the party. At first the party are keen on staying and fighting, but more and more sets of eyes keep lighting up. Eventually, they decide to make a tactical withdrawal. SV-3R keeps his logical cool and identifies that their foes are likely droids and not, in fact, the walking undead.

While on the way out, Kriv gets grabbed by one of the droids in the submerged passage. Urrobe, having none of that, rips the arm off the droid with a critical success. Once outside the temple the party breathe a sigh of relief. Making a forced march back to the ship, they choose to avoid the friendly tribe just in case and leave the planet.

Once clear of the atmosphere, SV-3R reports that the Neesh Nok is being locked onto. A guy named Boone demands the artifact in exchange for not blasting the party out of the sky. After some banter and discussion, SV-3R responds by jamming the throttle to 100%.

To be continued…

Got a job to get an artifact from an uncharted world with a jungle and a temple. Went there, fought some jungle wildlife, cured a sick tribe, explored an ancient trapped temple, snagged the artifact and the party fled for their lives. Made it back to the ship, started going home, ambushed by someone else wanting the artifact. Cliff hanger!


  • A handful of smuggling contacts including spice suppliers and receivers.
  • One ancient droid arm of alien design and technology.
  • (1) Blaster Pistol (taken by…?)
  • (1) Fusion Lantern
  • (2) Stimpacks
  • (1) Emergency Repair Patch
  • (2) Halves of a Trandoshan (think you left this behind)
  • A few handfuls of crappy (read artisanal) jewelry and other offerings.

Base Group Award:

+15 for the session
+3 xp giving Dex and Val more than a fair shake.

As always, bonus xp will be awarded for in-character journals.

Individual XP:

Aerin Terix (Aidan)
18 base
+1 to hopefully offset your terribad luck.
29 for session (47 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
18 base
+1 finding some xml files for the character editor.
+1 putting character in Editor and sending me file
20 for session (48 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
18 base
+10 First session bonus
+1 putting character in Editor and sending me file
29 session (31 total)

Malarkey (Kevin)
18 base
+1 treating Lia and the crew of the Star Shadow well
19 session (47 total)

Dorian Lowey (Nate)
0 session (27 total)

Urrobe (Spencer)
18 base
+1 Using the Truth Serum spice on Dex.
19 session (49 total)

Forgot Name (Tristin)
0 session (26 total)

Session 01 - Welcome to the Jungle

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