Session 02 - Ambushed at Exodus Station

Nobody’s obligation triggered… We’re due!

When last we left our heroes, they were under a missile lock from Boone’s ship Eclipse. He demanded the relic in exchange for their lives, to which SV-3R responded by punching the throttle and causing the ship’s engines to complain.

I roll for how many missiles Boone has, giving him a 33% chance to come up empty, but instead I roll max. So he pulls the trigger and BOOM scores a nice hit, but SV-3R manages to get away with some fancy piloting.

The party delivers the relic to Rasmus (their fixer) back at GX-176. She is a little worried that someone else knew about the job and tried to steal the artifact, so she hires them to escort her to Exodus Station (the delivery site).

GM Note:

I think it was 350 credits each and I forgot to give that to you so be sure and add that in.

At this point, we had a small story building moment which was very cool. Players came up with some cool bits about Exodus Station. The station is in an electrically charged nebula accessible by small freighters through the wake the station creates as it moves. Larger ships can’t safely make it. It’s a sphere of an unidentified substance and looks like a textured ceiling on the outside, but the walls inside are all brown and perpetually moist. Man-made structures have been bolted to the outside to offer docking facilities, some are enclosed but others require a short space walk to get into the station proper.

Player Creations:

  • There’s a bazaar where you can buy anything…For a price
  • There are a group of scientists on the top levels of the station. The unspoken rule is: NOBODY fucks with the scientists.
  • There’s a monster living in the lower levels of the station. The top half of the station is safe-ish. Stories are as varied as the station’s occupants.
  • Krignaag the Hutt, is a lady Hutt that runs the station. She has ridiculously long eyelashes and other over-the-top makeup. Don’t stare, never insult! She keeps the peace, but it’s a pirate station. You’re allowed to break the rules for a price. Break the rules without bribed clearance and bribes are doubled. So long as the station runs smoothly, everyone’s happy but the victims.

Urrobe immediately tried to strike up a conversation with the scientists we just came up with. Since I’m not great with spontaneous creativity yet that unfortunately fell flat, but try again next week if you’re still interested! :)

While escorting Rasmus to the buyer, the party is ambushed by a group of thugs led by a nameless assassin who nearly one-shots the party. She scores a crit and activates her autofire. The crit allows her to make a second attack where she triggers her autofire yet again. So “Balinda the Kid” scores a total of 5 hits in one action! Their luck eventually turns around, but not before she drops Malarkey and Aerin. She flees the scene, leaving the party with 2 dead and 2 stunned enemies. Buy some armor people and remember your base soak!

The party makes it to the drop and sells the idol. Marcus Bryant, representative for Lord Tolvos Dunkirk – Third Flame of the House of Shin (aka The Collector). Marcus has the two stunned men delivered for questioning. He plays a game “first one to talk-lives” and has his well-armed guards execute the slower of the two. They question the hired thug but don’t get much out of him. True to his word, Marcus releases him once he’s satisfied with the interrogation.

Malarkey decides to trail the goon spots the assassin lady just as she tosses a grenade into the goon’s room. Malarkey shoots at her and she returns fire, scoring a crit which dazes him. He pursues her as she flees but loses her in the crowd when he’s stopped by a guard. Malarkey plays the “I’m friends with Marcus” card and the guard backs down.

So two party members are drunk at a local cantina when they get the call from Malarkey that she’s left him. The players choose to spend a force point to alter the plot, saying they actually catch up with her instead. “Yes and…” she’s being held buy three guards, one of which is wounded. Much debating goes on before Aerin plays the “I’m friends with Marcus”-card. They discover that Marcus has left the station so the guard lets the PC’s question her down at HQ.

The party begins interrogating the woman who is chained to a chair, but she interrogates them right back. Sometimes the drunk people answer her inquiries, but occasionally even the sober ones do, too. “Hey, we’re the ones interrogating you!” It turns out to be a great back and forth roleplay.

She doesn’t give up much info, but explains that she was trying to destroy the idol. She refuses to reveal what the map leads to unless the group lets her go. Malarkey makes an impassioned speech on why she should give up the info, but doesn’t roll any successes. The party really wants the info, so they spend a couple more force points to alter the scene in order to make an escape attempt even feasible in police HQ central. Their hacking attempt to cause a distraction succeeds with some threat. Dun dun duuuunh.

During the chaos, the assassin gets spotted and the party decides to let her run on her own and not draw attention to themselves. Malarkey sends his drone after her and once she makes it away, she snatches the drone out of the air. She explains that the map is to a ship/weapon of unimaginable power, and therefore cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands (or any hands for that matter). Then she turns off the drone and the session ends.


  • 350 credits each (payment from Rasmus)
    Nothing else. Not even the custom auto-fire blaster. :(

Base Group XP:

+15 for the session
+1 for awesome world building on Exodus Station

If ever you think I should be giving xp to you or someone else for something cool, let me know. Also, if I messed up the pizza fund, please speak up.

Individual XP:

Aerien Terix (Aidan)
16 base
+1 for using a darkside power
17 for session (64 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
16 base
+4 Pizza money for daaaayz
20 for session (68 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
16 base
+4 Pizza money for daaaayz
+1 Being the first to make use of the spend a force point to alter the plot mechanic
21 session (52 total)

Malarkey (Kevin)
16 base
+1 Pizza money
+1 Awesome speech
Also, be careful going off by yourself, nearly dead, with a couple of crits. You almost died last week.
18 session (65 total)

Dorian Lowey (Nate)
0 session (27 total)

Urrobe (Spencer)
16 base
+1 Pizza money
17 session (66 total)

Forgot Name (Tristin)
0 session (26 total)

Next Session:

The current plan is to meet up with an Ithorian named Woondau El here on Exodus Station and see if the party can officially become smugglers. There’s a rumor that a new opening is available since Dex no longer makes the run. He was accused of skimming off the top and also stealing a shipment of spice from the Hutts. Currently on the run, the bounty on his head has climbed to 5,000 credits.

We’ll also need to do some healing of wounds, crits, and ship damage.
Be thinking about where you want to spend your money. Weapons, armor, ship upgrades, medical upgrades, etc.

We got off to a good start for Exodus station, but I think we can make it a more dramatic setting. Try to come up with one or two more locations and a few faces that are bucking the system.

Session 02 - Ambushed at Exodus Station

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