Session 08 - Tangled Web

GM Note:

Sorry for the lackluster update. This is mostly my GM notes just cleaned up for public consumption.

The Smuggler’s Rest – High class bar/inn where the sabak tournament was held and where Kin’Rajas is held up. Smuggler’s Rest is a violence free zone. You can’t even pay a Crime Fee to pull a job here.
Dimly lit, one musician playing dusk-style music on a bass vye in the far corner
Hok Moko, an old Quarren bartender that doesn’t put up with any shit.
Gamorrean bouncers are stationed near the door.
A huge transparisteel window on the back wall shows the lightning flashing through the purple nebula.

Zhep Fahr – Omwati
Usually ice cold, but has a fiery temper. One of Krigna’ag’s security lieutenants, fancies herself a gambler. After the female gunman was detained, her custom firearm went through a few owners before winding up in Zhep’s possession.

She lost the gun to Kin’rajas during the Sabak tournament. When she did, Zhep tried to come across the table at Kin and accused him of cheating. Zhep was punished and fined on top of that.

Now she’s put up a crime fee to assault and rob Kin to take away his winnings, get the gun, and most of all to get her vengeance.

Kin’rajas – Twi’lek
Won the sabak tournament, has the gun, and is holding up in the Smuggler’s Rest hiding from Zhep where he’s safe. He’s a suave gambler and enjoys life. Currently he’s spending through his winnings because he’s not sure how much longer he’s going to be alive. Would gladly trade the pistol for a way off this rock.

Qu – Bith
Runs a droid shop on Exodus Station and deals in mainly stolen droids, also has a few droid contacts out in the world.

Aerin bullied the defenseless droid merchant into telling the party everything about their administration droid F4-X2. Apparently the Void Wings (big pirates) gave it to the Komorav Brotherhood (little pirates). There’s also a few rumors going around the station about the Void Wings. They’ve been expanding their influence and having great successes as of late. Some people suggest that Krignaag has been sending them information and working with them. Another rumor going around is that an imperial officer Captain Lansford has been seen on the station. She has a hatred of pirates and some people say she’s working with Krignaag to stop the Void Wings.

Super Brief Session Summary:

Delivered the payment to Woondau. Beat up the farmers that came along to witness the payment. Currently you have a lot of good will from Long Shadow Outpost and Woondau. If the farmers ever return, most of that good-guy reputation will be lost. Woondau offered you the steal the droid brain job and said he’d pay you 10k to go do it. During the bar fight, Kriv actually scored a crit on Krunk. But his victory was short lived.

Met with Kin’rajas. Agreed to escort him to his ship. Disguised him, triggered a fire alarm, got the hell out of there. Zhep will be pissed. Oh well. Parted with Kin’rajas on good terms.

Tracked down where your admin droid came from. Bullied Qu for the information. Triz said she’d have her engineer run her droid through a virus scan and get back to you. She also warned you that her band of pirates got beat up on pretty hard. Once back at home base, and once when she went in to get repairs. Some bounty hunters named the Black Talons came after them. The Talons nabbed one of her crew but the rest got away.

GM Note:

One thing I messed up on was the chase scene while escaping from the Smuggler’s rest. In my mind, we were way behind schedule and the gun thing wasn’t supposed to take so long, so I skipped ahead to speed things up. But everyone was having fun, so instead I should have just let it play out more naturally. A chase scene through Exodus station would have been great and it was a missed opportunity on my part.

Base Group XP:

+15 for the session
+1 Parted with Kin’Rajas on good terms
+1 for great RP/Story investigation

Individual XP:

Aerin Terix (Aidan)
17 base
+1 Converting Qu to a permanently recurring character
18 for session (168 total)

Requ “Rabbit” Druxmia (Aj)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund contribution
+1 Tossing a flashbang to motivate the crowd.
+10 Lowbie catch-up bonus
29 session (107 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund contribution
+1 Making the connection between “the info leak” and the droid virus
19 for session (179 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Lots of cool crafting
+1 Critting Krunk
20 session (161 total)

Malarkey (Kevin)
0 base (absent)
+1 Pizza fund contribution
0 session (71 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
17 Base
+4 Pizza fund contribution
+10 Lowbie catch up bonus
31 session – (58 total)

42-OB (Spencer)
17 base
-1 for leaving us all behind to pursue love and adventure in the real world
16 session (165 total)

Session 08 - Tangled Web

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