Session 11

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Session 11 Summary – Aerin’s “Easy” Side Job

The group decides to get some much needed repairs for the Superiority of Steel. The work is going to take just over a day, so they spend a little time on Exodus Station. Rabbit contacts the scientists and asks if they would take a look at this stone coaster. There was much laughter, and several jokes until the scientist asked, “Are you fucking with me?” Everyone got serious for a few solid minutes at least. Ultimately, the party chooses to pay the scientists some credits so the eggheads can analyze it and report what they find out in a week’s time.

Aerin looks over his shoulder more than once as the group travels through the bazaar. No one in the party is sure why he’s so antsy until a pissed off young man catches his eye. He angrily demands, “What the hell are you doing here? Didn’t I send you on a mission?” Big Krunk stands behind the arrogant human, arms folded. The gist of the conversation is that Aerin has a job to do, and this guy (Xavier we find out later) is pissed.

Aerin explains the job: a simple snatch and grab. The target is an old drunk named Heuros Zoon who has a long list of crimes that don’t seem to match up with the current picture provided in his dossier. Aerin answers a few questions, dodges some others, and completely forgets some details in his pre-game e-mail. 2,000 credits for hunting this guy down and bringing him in alive. He says he owes Xavier a favor, but it seems like there’s more to this story than he’s letting on.

Knowing the target is going to be on the planet Mariana doesn’t help much since planets are pretty big. But the crew also knows the ship he’s arriving on: The Pleasant Memories. SV-3R tries to shave some time off the trip by plotting a new hyperspace route, but that action fails and actually adds some time to the trip. At least they didn’t appear inside a star.

When they arrive at Mariana, Luca starts accessing the holo-net to figure out where the Pleasant Memories docked. Once they call down to the planet with their intended destination, the flight controller suggests they pick a different spot. Apparently there’s some crazy guy out there who shot up a nearby bar and killed several people. The crew thank him for his warning but are set on their port of choice.

The Pleasant Memories, a worn out YT-1210 is still in dock when they land. They decide to head over to the Three Dewbacks which is the bar someone (probably Heuros) shot up. The windows are boarded up and there’s police tape over the door. After poking around and making a little noise, a mechanical voice from inside says “I’m sorry, but we’re closed.” They start asking some questions through the door about what happened and tell the droid “We’re friends (Acquaintances! someone interrupts) of his and we’re looking for him.”

Luca turns on his jammer, but the droid manages to get a call out anyway and then he invites the party in. The droid cleans while he answers more questions about the gunman who killed 5 armed men of the local family (it taps the smooth metal where its nose would be conspiratorially) and one innocent bystander. The party starts questioning Aerin more on his “easy bounty” but not much gets resolved before a Nikto and a couple of thugs show up. He tries to intimidate the group with the backing of the Mikas Cartel, but Aerin intimidates him right back causing the three to flee.

The party asks around for details about the Mikas Cartel and finds out that they’re a significant crime family on this planet. Protection rackets, spice, gambling, etc. A despair is rolled, so the Nikto shows back up with reinforcements to teach these outsiders a lesson… Rabbit kills three with his god guns and Kriv kills two more charging into melee with his power armor during the first 2 actions of combat. The Nikto and last gunman flee on their turn.

From one of the fallen, Kriv grabs a comlink and starts listening in. Someone starts screaming that these strangers are total badasses, while someone else sternly starts ordering things be done, ‘Find out who these people are, what ship they came on, and bring them to me!’ Luca sets to creating a false information trail scoring two triumphs and lays a believable trail to some phantom ship on the other side of the planet.

Not sure where to go next, one of the PC’s flips a destiny point and says Heuros has been listening in, and contacts the party. “You killed some of Mikas’s men? I killed some of Mikas’s men too. We should hang out!” The party lies about why they’re here saying they’re collecting a bounty on Mikas. Heuros agrees to meet up to discuss possibly joining forces. Heuros transmits some data about several of Mikas’s operations including the rough external layout of the crime boss’s mansion.

The party decides to come up with a marginal plan for assaulting the mansion just in case Heuros asks for it before they can ambush him. The fake plan is: We’re going to load a speeder full of explosives and crash it into the compound. While there’s a distraction on that side, we’ll go into the other and find Mikas.

They acquire a speeder and decide to meet at a gas station. I mean, a space gas station. SV-3R climbs into a sniper position with his blaster rifle, but the stun setting makes it only a short range shot. They talk for a bit about the plan, and then Aerin finally says something. Heuros rolls really well on his intellect check despite being hungover and recognized him. ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ his hand lowers to the massive holster on his hip as he asks the question.

The two exchange some chatter and Aerin asks, “Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance?”

“I didn’t think you were worth killing,” Heuros replies. Some of the party members wince at the perceived burn, but then he adds, “You were just a kid.”

The party starts asking more questions about things like why he wants Mikas dead: he’s responsible for killing my little sister (he touched the tattered and stained red silk sash at his side when he said this). And why so you hate the empire so much: I don’t care for them, but I don’t have a problem with them. They have a problem with my kind. – What human? – No. I’m a jedi.

Party laughs, Rabbit asks where his six arms are and if he can fly and shoot lightning from his eyes? Don’t believe everything you hear kid. Rabbit tosses a stick at him, catch it with your mind! Heuros watches as it falls short of him. Heuros holds his hand out and everyone gets quiet. Then the stick levitates off the ground.

Heuros agrees to go peacefully into Aerin’s custody if the party helps him to kill Mikas…

And that’s where we called the session.

Dun dun duuuuunh!

Post Mortem

There was a LOT of out of character smart ass comments tonight. It seemed like nearly every new situation or line of dialogue had about three separate comments each. It was funny as hell and I had fun, but it slowed down the session noticeably I don’t want to cut this out completely, but we should cut it back. I think it was probably a hold over from quiet Tuesday.

Two more obligation triggers. I think I should probably cut back people’s obligation some. It’s triggering a little too often now and the main plot line has very much fallen to the wayside. Also, I think the impact of Obligation should be relegated to affecting a single scene instead of occupying whole sessions. Speaking of which…

Obligation triggers:

Requ “Rabbit” Druxmia – First Trigger – Either a big favor or his famous gunslinger reputation comes into play
Aerin Terix -Trigger number 3 – You better take care of things this time or your Obligation is increasing… :)


  • 5 blaster pistols
  • 1 bottle of Tuskan Wodkha (Zoon’s favorite drink)
  • Spent some credits, got a few. Nothing major.

Base Group XP

+15 for the session
+1 flipping a Destiny Point to have Heuros come talk to you
+1 Befriending Heuros
17 session total

Individual XP:

Aerin Terix (Aidan)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Great job scarring off the bad guys. With dark side points!
+1 Taking the story where you want it to go (mentor for yourself)
20 Session (192 total)

Requ “Rabbit” Druxmia (Aj)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Good rp with the Jedi
+1 mowing down a squad of goons in one action.
20 session (178 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
17 base
17 for session (233 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
17 base
+1 Rocking out in your sweet power armor
18 session (197 total)

Dr. Tossk Maersk (Julie)
0 base (absent)
+1 Pizza
+10 lowbie catchup bonus
11 session (46 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
17 Base
+1 eating Healthy
+10 Lowbie catchup bonus
+1 failing but recovering spectacularly on hiding your trail
29 session – (131 total)

Session 11

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