Session 12

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Session 12 Summary – Assaulting Mikas – Not So Easy

I haven’t come back to write this Summary, mainly because I wasn’t sure we’d keep playing after our near Total Party Kill. Long story short, the players decided to assault a drug lord’s fortress. I wasn’t obvious enough in my hints that this was a bad idea and the fight went south.

Long story short, everyone who went in got killed except Luca Freamere. Mikas cut off one of his hands and set him free to tell the tale of the others. Kriv Mizzix and SV-3R were outside at the time. Kriv Mizzix gave up his life of crime to settle down on GX-176 and help raise the Aleena children he rescued. SV-3R got repossessed by a relative of Rasmus Prush since she inherited her estate. And somehow Luca Freamere wound up in possession of Superiority of Steel

So, we had a heart-to-heart discussing what went right, what went wrong. Redid our Session 0 with some new concepts in mind. We’ll be focusing on space archaeology as the main plot-thread. Everyone’s obligation will tie back to Krigna’ag the Hutt in some way. And everyone will have been wronged by Imperial Admiral Content Not Found: stultz

Session 12

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