Greetings and welcome to our Edge of the Empire Campaign!

This site is dedicated to our ongoing campaign and chronicles the PC’s swashbuckling adventures. The flavor of the campaign is kind of Firefly meets Star Wars. Day to day adventures deal with the crew dealing with Obligations, but there’s also an epic plot thread waiting to be followed up on if there’s interest from the PC’s.

If you’re a visitor to our site, you’re probably most interested in the Story – session summaries of our actual play, and the Characters in our world. The Wiki has links to everything if you’re interested in more than that.

Image Disclaimer:

Many of the images on this site were found via Google image search. In general, they are used without permission and some have been digitally modified for our usage (claiming fair use: parody/pastiche). This is a non-profit site, and I have no intent to challenge real or intended legally held copyrights. Please contact the GM if you would like your image/likeness removed or if you prefer different credits.

You should see most credits by hovering your mouse over the image. For characters, I had to include a separate credit section on each sheet.

Image Credit:

Player of 42-OB. Man having for real artists in your player base is really bad ass. :) This is how he saw the Neesh Nok which was the players’ first ship. Now they fly around in the Superiority of Steel.

Edge of Darkness

Eck 42_0B Snowmoon