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Session 14 Summary – Touring the Tower

Swarms of huge blood sucking parasites errupt from the pit in the center of the first chamber and engage the party. It’s a short but exciting fight. Grim roasts a group of them with his flame thrower and Lilly sprays down the area with heavy blaster fire taking out two more groups. The bloodwings manage to score a crit on Grim while another almost knocks Lilly out of the window. Baern ripped a couple of the creatures out of Grim’s flesh and splatted them against the wall with dark space wizardry. The rest of the party engaged cautiously and finished off the rest.

Bloodwing pic

The first chamber has a large birdman statue wearing an elaborate headdress extending his hand towards the center of the pit. Floating there is a large cube of iron that’s glowing blue. After some brief investigations, the party eventually pulls the cube towards the statue, and touches it. The glow goes from blue to yellow, and further into the pit another blue glow appears. Baern messes with the headdress and figures out that this thing actually increases his powers of telekenesis. Even though it’s a little too large, and also ridiculous looking, he leaves it on during the rest of the delve.

Lilly climbs down a rope and almost falls to her death. Alone in a small alcove, she touches the blue glowing button which pulls stairs out of the pit’s wall. The blue button glows yellow, and then further down the stairs another room glows blue. At this point the party give thanks to the ancient xenos for tutorializing the dungeon. They jokingly expect a doorway that’s only half open that they’ll have to crouch to get under, and a button across the room they’ll have to shoot to activate.

Climbing down the stairs, everyone who is force sensitive receives a mental alert that Lilly’s step will disappear. Baern warns her and she manages to grab onto the next step. There are two more steps like that, but they make it to the next chamber without further incident.

The next chamber is a massive open room that curves around half the tower. There is a button across the room but their path isn’t blocked. Ezrahi walks across the room to press it, but when he gets half way a piercing screech echoes off the walls. The room starts to rearrange itself into something out of American Ninja Warrior, blazing balls of red energy float out of the floor. Some move towards the party while others float further into the room.

The obstacle course wasn’t too bad on its own. Connor scanned for some weaknesses, then sabotaged some of the mechanical workings of the room. Lilly played bait for the floating orbs, while the rest of the party triggered the buttons.

The buttons became progressively harder to press with puzzle elements added in. One of the puzzles had a small length of strange metal with two buttons. Eventually the players figured out that the device could liquify the solid water (not ice because it was room-temperature) and activate the button encased within. They activated the device a second time and it crystalized the water back into a solid.

At this point the orbs had sped up enough to force Lilly to run. She blows past the rest of the group and then the red orbs flew into a pair of dog men statues animating them.

This fight was a little more serious. Apart from trading damage with the players, Luca was seized by one of the things and was about to be brained when Lilly sliced its arm off. Grim jumped in there for some double bladed melee action and forced the other one into the corner.

Somone got the idea to liquify the water, have Baern water bend to encase a dog man, and then resolidify the water. And it was executed perfectly. Grim then bullrushed the wounded one knocking him over Lilly’s mini-gun. She held the trigger down and nearly blasted the thing in half.

The first one was starting to break free and more orbs were starting to show up so the party blew through the rest of the buttons. The last button was in the center of the ceiling, well out of reach. But there was a pair of rings that seemed to act like a miniature wormhole. Still in his ridiculous headdress, Baern levitated the ring towards the button and someone reached their hand through to activate the last switch.

The next major room they discover has some kind of alien computer console. Hitting the big button in the center spawns the hologram of a very human looking female. At first there’s a bit of a language barrier, but after a few harmless brain probes, she’s able to communicate with the group.

She has many questions for the party. She shares some information about the ancient races that came before and the great enemy that they fought. But she also tells the group that they aren’t permitted to have the information in the final chamber. She seems to be confused by the question, well what if we go get it anyway?

Other bold claims in the conversation: Their civilization fled to another galaxy and then wiped the slate clean by purging all life from this galaxy. They created the force. She also had a faint force presence that Baern picked up on.

As the conversation continues, Lilly gets more and more pissed off. The hologram eventually compares giving the weapon to the PC’s as being like giving a gun to a monkey.

See exhibit A:

Grim takes Lilly on hall patrol so she doesn’t unload a burst of full auto into the console.

There was a big RP discussion about what to do next. On the one hand, maybe we should respect the wishes of the ancients. On the other hand, if we don’t get it someone else will. Then it was debated between taking it vs. blowing it up. We called the session right as Connor sent a message out to the Collector asking what they should do.

And that’s where we called it. After the game, it was decided that the party will try and bypass the door and take whatever is inside for themselves.

Post Mortem

I set the epic-o-meter to 11 on this session. I’m not sure how much I liked it, but it was the session ideas I had. :) It seemed pretty well received at the table at least.

I loved the combat with the dog men. It was exciting and cinematic. Great job guys.

The hologram “guarding” the door started out great. I think it was frustrating in a fun way. and I hope nobody took her arrogance personally. But the encounter dragged on and the fun evaporated. I think moving on from that was the right call.


1 hollow cube of iron
1 oversized and gawdy headdress, +1 force die to Telekenesis
A pair of wormhole rings about 1 foot wide
A small length of metal that liqufied/solidified water.
A small length of metal that healed you up.
1 smashed to shit “droid”
1 in tact droid
1 wooden staff

Base Group XP

+15 for the session
+1 Awesome team takedown combo of one dog man.
+1 Learning about the ancients
17 session total

Individual XP:

Baern (Aidan)
17 base
+1Using darkside points
18 Session (235 total)

Lilly (Aj)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Doing cool stuff with Grim
19 Session (237 total)

Ezrahi Al’Hazaad (Brenton)
17 base
17 for session (268 total)

Teeyko Runn (Connor)
17 base
+1 Nice character intro
+25 catchup reward 1/8
43 for session (43 total)

Grim (Erik)
17 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Doing cool stuff with AJ
19 session (237 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
17 base
+1 Eating Healthy
0 Session (218 total)

Session 14

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