Session 15

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Session 15 Summary – Dealing with a Dragon

Cinematic Cutscene

The holo-star chamber the group is standing in reports an incoming Corellian Corvette with 3 a-wings attached. It transmits an encrypted signal that you later translate to get the gist of what was said. This motivates the party to finish their business in the tower.

Apparently the only lock on the door was the verbal warning from the hologram: “You aren’t permitted to go through there.” … Yeah, thanks for the suggestion mom. We’ll take that into consideration. You open the door and descend the stairs into the cool damp air. Holo lady seemed curious what would happen so she followed.

The last chamber seems to be a large natural cavern. Phosphorescent moss casts a dim glow and a small stream trickles across your path. Beyond that is a wall about 3 meters high that runs across the room with a singular entrance.

Ezrahi releases a survey drone that reveals a maze of stonework and he plots a course that you follow towards the center of the room. There’s a raised dais in the center with a large crystal attached to a rock. When the light from your shoulder lamps hit it, a hologram is projected above it.

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Beyond the crystal are several large stalagmites and a stairway going back up towards the exit. (Good level design that!) Ezrahi rips the crystal off the rock and shortly afterwards the whole area begins to quake and one of the stalagmites starts breaking open. A huge reptilian eye stares out at the bird man and a muffled roar is herd.

Rather than navigate back through the maze, the party sprints past and into the next room. The creature erupts from its stoney prison and gives chase. For a couple of rounds, it’s a running fire fight back to the ship.

Grim makes excellent use of his leadership abilities giving everyone a free maneuver to get behind cover right before the dragon bathes the room in fire. Lilly blasts away at it with her mini-gun and shoots part of the roof in trapping it for a few rounds.

Everyone runs their asses off and gets back to the bottom of the pit. Baern moves to the center of the platform and once everyone gets on, he raises the platform with his mind. It would have looked really cool too if it wasn’t for the ridiculous hat he was wearing making the whole thing possible.

Rather than levitating all the way to the top, the group stops off at loot-mart and tries to drag the heavy ass droid back to the platform. That gives the dragon plenty of time to dislodge itself and start attacking the platform. It breaks through before Lilly gets back. After a few rounds of trading fire Lily finally gets back and Baern levitates the platform back to the top.

More fire gets poured into the creature. It’s on its last legs when Baern slams the platform into the ceiling crushing the life out of it with his rage filled force usage. After he sets the platform down on the top level, Lilly draws her vibro-glaive and begins hacking the head of the creature off. Grim looks haughtily over at the hologram and haughtily asks, “Still think we’re a bunch of mindless barbarians now?”

Baern retrieves the ship and does some fancy flying to hold it steady so the rest of the party can get on. Luca plots a hyperspace course out of there to bypass the closing A-Wings. Luckily they weren’t close enough to identify the Superiority of Steel.

The group makes it back to Hrokhur, the Collector’s world and show off all(most) of the cool things they found. Landing at the port, Luca recognizes another ship in an adjacent bay. The Dark Wind, was the ship of Aerin’s old “friend” Lillith. The last time Luca saw her, he was in a drug lord’s prison, she visited Aerin, made a deal to get Heuros Zoon, then left the rest of them to rot.

Luca starts sweating bullets and hacks into the port authroity’s computer systems to change around some recent data. He rolls so well that he completely changes the registry of the player’s ship to the Dead Weight_. He also rolled well enough to put flags on the Dark Wind to be detained and to inform _Content Not Found: stultz of any activity regarding the vessel.

This time Baern decides to leave his shock-boots back on the ship. Once in the Collector’s um collection, Lily plays with one of the light sabers (unignited) when their boss walks in. He tells her politely to return it from where she found it.

After show and tell, Winston comes in to negotiate the price for services rendered. The collector offers up the light saber and Lily hastily agrees! Various party members speak up, no way that is happening. We just fought a damn dragon and almost died. Aidan offers to pay the group 7,000 credits, and you negotiate 5,000 more from the collector. Also the collector pays one Krigna’ag interest payment and promises to give you first crack at the next lead once it gets deciphered.

Luca says he’ll hold onto it until the party gets back to the ship and Baern can pay. Then at the first chance, Luca tries to dump it off. Baern spots this and a loud argument ensues. The argument lasts long enough for Lilith to show up. She heard lots of shouting about Lily this and Lily that, so that through her off balance.

Not much was said but her gaze lingered on Luca and Baern for a few seconds. When the group was leaving with their dog droid in tow, she said she’d be interested in purchasing it. Luca said she could meet the group at the Dead Weight.

Post Mortem

A very fun session all in all. We had a bit of drama around the loot and payment, but with the rewrite I think everyone is happy.


1 hollow cube of iron
1 oversized and gawdy headdress, +1 force die to Telekenesis
A pair of wormhole rings about 1 foot wide
A small length of metal that healed you up.
1 in tact droid
1 wooden staff
1 vial of dragon blood
1 dragon head
1 dragon throat crystal
1 lightsaber
7,000 credits from Baern
5,000 credits from Collector

Crystal with the map/hologram
A small length of metal that liquefied/solidified water.

Base Group XP

+15 for the session
+2 Completing a milestone
+1 Super fun session
18 session total

Individual XP:

Baern (Aidan)
18 base
+2 Using more darkside points
+1 Killed a dragon with your mind (others helped),
21 Session (256 total)

Lilly (Aj)
18 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Doing cool stuff with Grim
20 Session (257 total)

Ezrahi Al’Hazaad (Brenton)
18 base
+1 Paranoia e-mail was amazing
19 for session (287 total)

Teeyko Runn (Connor)
0 base – absent
+25 catchup reward 1/8
0 for session (43 total)

Grim (Erik)
18 base
+1 Saving everyone from a firey doom with leadership
+1 Caring about the game enough to raise concerns
20 session (257 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
18 base
+1 Eating Healthy
+1 Excellent role play
+1 Really loving the Dark Wind
21 Session (239 total)

Session 15

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