Session 16

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Session 16 Summary – Welcome to the Jungle… Again

Went to Exodus Station, and started working on some downtime stuff. dropped off some stuff with the scientists. Built a droid. Tried and failed to build part of a cybernetic arm.

Got details of the job: Head out to this jungle archaeology site and find out what happened to another team. They failed to report in at the scheduled time.

A short hyperspace trip later and you made it to the planet, found the remains of a shattered P3-UY companion droid and analyzed the fragments of its memory core. A K-X12 droid hovered inside. It ordered P3-UY outside and told it to stay. A short while later the ships weapons came online and blasted it.

Continued on your merry way into the jungle and encountered 3 scythe-claw droids after crossing a river. They gave you a good run for your money and even sliced off one of Ezrahi’s arms. Teeyko made himself useful by stepping on one of the droids with your walker-truck. Grim protected the fallen Ezrahi. Lilly laid down sprays of heavy fire and swung her vibro-glaive a few times. Baern threw one against a tree crushing it with some awesome darkside power.

Aaaand the light saber finally came out. Baern nailed the roll with two crits and no failures. Awesome job.

That’s where we called it.

Post Mortem

I loved that there was lots of downtime activities going on. Lilly started working on a new cyberarm and Teeyko wound up constructing a new assistant droid.

I think Aidan started getting a little upset about the force point mechanics and us picking at his darkside point usage. It is a little frustrating to decide between “waste my roll” or “spend darkside points”. Swinging a lightsaber around was really cool though.

You can always wear a silly hat for one more force die. :)

I started getting DM fatigue over the last few sessions (you can probably tell by my lack luster summary). So we’re going to take a break from star wars and have someone else run something for a while.


Gave vial of dragon blood to scientists to keep.
Gave dragon throat crystal to scientists for analysis.
Mostly intact scythe claw droid.
Scrap from another scythe claw.
Ezrahi’s left arm.

Base Group XP

+15 for the session
+1 Lots of cool down time activities
16 session total

Individual XP:

Baern (Aidan)
16 base
+2 Using more darkside points
+1 Whipped ass with a lightsaber
19 Session (275 total)

Lilly (Aj)
16 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Working on cool side projects
+1 Improving relationship with scientists
19 Session (276 total)

Ezrahi Al’Hazaad (Brenton)
16 base
+1 Lost an arm – Hey, I’d call that an experience.
17 for session (304 total)

Teeyko Runn (Connor)
16 base
+1 Built a helper droid
+25 catchup reward 1/8
42 for session (85 total)

Grim (Erik)
16 base
+1 Protecting Ezrahi at great risk to yourself
17 session (274 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
0 base – absent
+1 – Just to even you out
1 Session (240 total)

Session 16

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