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This large spherical “station” drifts through an electrically charged nebula. Navigation to and from the station is done by smaller ships through the wake the station leaves. The criminal outpost is run by Krigna’ag the Hutt and despite being run by a criminal organization, “crime” is relatively low. Breaking the rules involves bribing officials before hand or paying twice as much if you get caught. Messing with other people’s ships is a strict no-no.

The station itself is a sphere of an unidentified substance and looks like a grey textured ceiling on the outside. The walls inside are all brown and perpetually moist in the warm and humid environment. Man-made structures have been bolted to the outside to offer docking facilities, some are enclosed but others require a short space walk to get into the station proper.

Some features inside include:

  • The Bloody Womp Rat, a bar where a fight breaks out about once an hour. Weapons aren’t allowed.
  • A bazaar where you can buy anything…For a price.
  • There are a group of scientists on the top levels of the station. The unspoken rule is: NOBODY fucks with the scientists
  • There’s a monster living in the lower levels of the station. The top half of the station is safish. Stories are as varied as the station’s occupants.
  • Krigna’ag the Hutt, is a lady Hutt that runs the station. She has ridiculously long eyelashes and other over-the-top makeup. Don’t stare, never insult! She keeps the peace, but it’s a pirate station. You’re allowed to break the rules for a price. Break the rules without bribed clearance and bribes are doubled. So long as the station runs smoothly, everyone’s happy but the victims.

Image Credit:

Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Exodus Station

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