Session 03 - First Impressions

GM Note:

Kriv was the lucky winner of first PC to have his obligation trigger! He has strong anti-slavery sentiments so there will be a story element coming up that deals with that. He rolled a 10 on the intensity check so it should be a big deal. We didn’t get a chance to visit that, but it’s coming up soon. I think maybe we’ll roll for obligation at the end of the session instead of the beginning to see how that feels.

The party finds themselves at Exodus Station, tracking down one of the smuggler contacts they got from Dex: Woundau El, an Ithorian smuggler talent scout for Krignaag the Hutt. They find him at the Bloody Womp Rat, a rough bar where a fight breaks out about once an hour. Undesirables go here to blow off some steam in a nice friendly brawl. Weapons are strictly forbidden in the brawl, but every so often someone slips up.

Meeting with Woundau, they convince him that they might have what it takes to be a smuggler for Krignaag. He tells them about a tryout in a few days but they manage to squeeze a little more info out of him after slipping him a few credits. He tells the party the name of the planet where they’ll be making a pickup – Hestia Prime, a mid-rim industrial world. He also mentions one of the other teams is captained by a human named Finn.

That’s about the time a brawl breaks out, and the party takes the opportunity to try and show off a bit to their potential employer. This is met with mostly success, but the biggest guy never really goes down. SV-3R picks a pocket and pays for Woundau’s drink, 42-OB revives an unconscious man who freaks out when he sees the droid’s needle-fist, and Aerin rolls an amazing 4 successes and convinces the guy to throw in with the big guy. Eventually the heroes choose to leave the brawl behind and move on.

With a few days to go before making the pickup, none of the party members really has any side-business they want to take care of. (Seriously people, start spending some of your credits! See also, Erik’s e-mail with cool gear options.) They run into Rasmus (the owner of their ship, the Neesh Nok) and she tells them to pack their things and head home. They convince her to allow them to borrow the Nok for the side gig they lined up by cutting her in for half the profits.

The heroes get to thinking and decide to sabotage one of the other team’s ships. Setting abou their plan, two party members decide to pose as maintenance workers, crawling around on the outside of the station and then planting a remote bomb on the engine. Apart from that there isn’t much planning, so I rolled to see what percentage of crew was in the ship during the time of the caper and got 97%.

42-OB tries to distract them by knocking on their door and offering them free fist injections courtesy of Krignaag. This takes some doing since there is the pesky problem of being in the void of space, but eventually the crew understand the droid’s message and politely decline. (I gave the opposing crew one chance to notice the shenanigans and they rolled a couple of successes.)

Three of the crew quickly suit up to meet SV-3R and Kriv to ask them just what the hell are they doing. Kriv gives an impassioned speech about the virtues of proper maintenance, but the dice aren’t with him.

Finn says, “Fine let’s go verify your story, come back with us and we’ll call it in.”
To which Kriv replies, “I’ve got my authorization right here,” and then quickdraw blasts a hole in the guy’s suit.

So a firefight breaks out on the surface of the station. The party kills the three people in suits, but not before they radio back to prep the ship. Kriv also takes a solid hit that 42-OB fixes up. Aerin leaves to get the guards since he was watching the whole scene unfold from inside the station. Kriv patches the hole in his suit with an emergency slap patch, but quickly finds being exposed to hard vacuum isn’t the scariest part.

The ship takes off, the dorsal turret taking aim directly at Kriv, and his life flashes before his little reptilian eyes. (I upgraded the to hit roll with a force point because that’s the kind of jerk that I am. I rolled the big wad of dice and got 0 successes.) He remains unscathed, but the cargo containers they are hiding are blasted to shreds. Brenton cleverly spends a force point to give himself an access hatch to make their escape and so they do.

Aerin and nameless_guard_01 arrive just in time to see the ship blasting away at the cargo containers. As the ship is taking off, 42-OB leaps aboard, sneaks through the ship, and goes all Solid Snake on them. He also whispers into the ear of the first guy he takes down, “This IS the droid you’re looking for.” While technically he “knocked them out”, they sure as shit wound up dead anyway.

The ship is lazily drifting above the station, shouting erupts over the intercom,
Longshot, this is station patrol. Power down your weapons and land immediately.”
To punctuate their point, the station launches a few volleys of fire into the ship. 42-OB gets more than a little overwhelmed, so he makes his way back to the cargo area and powers himself down.

With no response from the Longshot, station security proceeds to riddle the ship with holes and 42-OB isn’t seen or heard from for two days. During the down time, a message is received from Marcus (the handler for “the Collector”). He got word how the party has been his name a few times. He felt bad about them getting jumped so he pays for a night at a decent bar. But that’s it. Time to stop playing the “But we know Marcus” card.

The party decides to stay in the Neesh Nok and catch up on some reading…
Eventually, 42-OB gets powered back up and interrogated by station security, who are trying to piece things together. During the interrogation, the droid identifies the cop as his new owner, tries to call the opposing crew a bunch of drug heads (two WERE filled with drugs), and signifies that the crew had met with Woundau and that they should talk to him.

So security contacts the Ithorian, who comes down and… actually corroborates the droids story. He buys the droid off of the security guard for 500 credits and then he contacts the party for a little meeting.

“What the hell is wrong with you? This isn’t the kind of subtlety and finesse required of smugglers!” Woondau shouts.

After their “talk”, 42-OB gives Woundau 500 credits now, and promises 500 more after the job is done to repay his debt.

The Longshot is going to be auctioned off within the next couple of weeks. Either for parts or as a whole depending on station interest.

After a few days, the party receives the details of the job along with the identities of the other captain and crew. It’s a simple smuggling run: Head to Hestia prime (mid-rim industrial world) where they’ll meet a contact and pick up an aquarium of endangered swamp eels. They will then need need to smuggle those off-planet and take them to Tol Amn, a planet on the edge of Hutt Space.

The party meets Captain Vriss where they let it slip that they witnessed the craziness that happened with the Longshot. He becomes very suspicious and lays down a ground rule: Stay off my ship and if you try and start anything, my boat is way better armed than your bucket of bolts.

The session ends with every single destiny point turned over to the Dark Side. Which seems appropriate given what happened during the session…

GM Note:

First of all, I had lots of fun. By the end of the night my face was hurting from laughing so much. I loved the idea of the sabotaging of the other ship, but I think you could have played it a little smarter. You could have watched the ship for a day and see when you might be able to hit them. When some of them left, you could put eyes on them while other party members did the deed.

Also, some of you tend to share things with different characters that you probably shouldn’t share. Examples: Mentioning Woundau to the security guard. Telling Vriss about how you saw what happened to the Longshot. I think some of this is new players learning about roleplaying games. Try to understand that just because Eck knows about everything that happened, individual NPC’s may or may not know.

Also, you guys keep managing to not get much in the way of loot. But then again, you aren’t spending anything so I guess that’s okay. :)


  • 500 credits worth of debt to Woundau
  • +5 obligation for 42-OB – Blackmail, Debt, or Favor – Woundau

Base Group XP:

+15 for the session
+1 for a really fun session – At the end of the night, my face hurt from so much laughing.

Individual XP:

Aerien Terix (Aidan)
16 base
16 for session (80 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
16 base
+1 Great Recap at the start
17 for session (85 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
16 base
+1 Awesome E-mail Kriv’s mod shopping and you
+1 Answering my note questions
18 session (70 total)

Malarkey (Kevin)
0 base (absent)
+5 spawning another human, buying a house, buying a car
5 session (70 total)

Dorian Lowey (Nate)
0 session (27 total)

42-OB – Urrobe (Spencer)
16 base
+1 This IS the droid you’re looking for
17 session (83 total)

Session 03 - First Impressions

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