Session 04 - This Time With Eeling

GM Note:

The session begins at Exodus Station, a Hutt run station dedicated to smuggling and trading black market goods. When last we saw them, the party had just received the details for the smuggling job from Woondau El: head to Hestia Prime, meet a contact there, and smuggle a crate of eels off world. From there, they were to deliver the eels to Tol Amn, a world on the edge of Hutt space. There was one small catch, Captain Vriss of the Slack Jaw also had the details of the job and his ship has a better hyperdrive than the Neesh Nok.

After departing Exodus, SV-3R kicks the sub-light into overdrive and pushes the engines to their limits. The Slack Jaw tried to keep pace, but the party leaves them in the wake of the black smoke pouring out of their engines. The group chooses to try and shave some time off of their journey by plotting a faster (but riskier) route instead of sticking to known space lanes. The first roll isn’t successful, so they are definitely going to be arriving second despite their dramatic exit from Exodus. Not willing to accept this, the astrogator tries an even riskier route and succeeds!

During the hyperspace travel time, 42-OB comes up with an excellent idea. Forge up some bounty notices on Vriss and send them ahead. This was a difficult roll, but 42-OB came through. The Neesh Nok comes out of hyperspace with its signature downshifting backfire that the party has come to know and love. The Slack Jaw isn’t far behind, so SV-3R pushes the engines to their limits again. This time, however, the engines give out with a sputter.

As the ship streaks into the atmosphere unpowered, the air traffic controller begins to show more than a little concern. SV-3R assures him all was well, and Kriv makes good on those words. The Slack Jaw receives clearance first and lands at Port Tandor. The party lands just in time to witness a security team escorting Vriss off to a private room. The party laughs and gives the other crew the finger as they pilot the cargo skiff past them.

Driving through an abandoned industrial district, they make their way to a smog shrouded slum. “Krinoch’s Exotic Pets” sits at the end of a rundown street. Inside they meet Krinoch and tell him what they are there for. He takes the rest of the party into the back room while Kriv stays up front to keep a lookout.

SV-3R pulls the cargo skiff around back where the crew loads up the eels and cover it up with junk they find nearby. While that is going on, the opposing crew shows up and starts talking to Kriv. He stalls the t-total hell out of them in a thick, old-man asian accent. He shows them around the shop, tries to talk them into buying something else instead of eels, and then attempts to lie about some other sea-going creature being the eels. The first mate rolls a few dice and sees through his lie. Kriv decides to head out the back while more customers show up and Krinoch returns simultaneously. (spent a destiny point to alter the scene)

The party flees the scene as best they can in their cargo skiff, but the opposing crew cuts them off at the pass. The chase only lasts a short time, but in that time a hulk of a man leaps over onto the party’s skiff, shots were traded, Aerin holds the guy in place while they drive under a low hanging sign, and finally 42-OB shoves the unwanted guest off. Eventually the pursuers give up the chase to go collect their fallen ally.

Approaching the starport, the party realizes that they must pass through a customs checkpoint in order to re-enter the starport. Thinking quickly, they laid 42-OB down and etched a menacing looking skull into his chest and pile some of the junk on top of him. When they arrive at the checkpoint, the party gives the customs official a line about bringing down the dreaded Needlefist droid and how he should be careful around him. 42-OB twitches his arm as the guy leans in for a closer look. “Get that thing away from me!” the official yells as he waves them through.

The party loads their ship and departs, but just after leaving the atmosphere they’re flagged down by another customs official. Apparently landing on a planet for a few hours without loading/unloading any cargo is considered suspicious activity, so they need to come aboard and do some scanning.

Inspector Burke comes over with a few armed guards in tow. He explains the situation and what is going to happen. He hates to do it, and it will be a mountain of paperwork for him, he really wishes there is another way… Eventually, the PC’s took the hint and decide to bribe him to just be on his way.

They choose to play it safe on the way to Tol Amn and stick to standard trade routes. On the way, Kriv builds a larger aquarium and 42-OB makes certain the eels are in good health. Once they arrive and drop into normal space, the party immediately finds themselves taking fire from the Slack Jaw. SV-3R dives the ship into a space junk field and after a round or two of combat, SV-3R loses them with some fancy flying. However, in the process he sideswipes a huge clump of trash and peeling off a plate of the Nok’s armor.

The delivery goes smoothly and the goods are paid for by the receiver. Unfortunately, the party doesn’t get to keep any of the 3000 credits they made from the job. 1500 is due to Rasmus for the use of her ship. 500 is promised to Woondau to repay 42-0B’s debt, 200 was used to bribe the customs official, and 300 goes to repairs…

Right as the last armor piece is being bolted into place, Kriv sees a slaver whipping a few slaves with an electro whip when they fail to load the ship fast enough for his liking. Two of the slaves are Aleena (Kriv’s species) children. Kriv casually hops down off the Neesh Nok, strolls up behind the jerk, and slips a live stun grenade in his pocket.

BOOM! The man lifts into the air and his pants are ripped to shreds. Slaves scatter, animals are spooked, and in the confusion Kriv smuggles the two lizard children onto the Neesh Nok. Time to go, everyone!


  • Two Aleena Children. Malnourished, filthy, and mistreated, Shra and Mishro have recently been brought aboard the Neesh Nok.
  • 3,000 credits that will get divvied out to many other NPC’s.

Base Group XP:

+15 for the session

Individual XP:

Aerien Terix (Aidan)
15 base
+1 for slamming big guy into low hanging sign.
16 for session (96 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
15 base
+1 Cool ship prototype drawings
16 for session (101 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
15 base
+1 First Obligation trigger
+1 Awesome job manning the store
17 session (87 total)

Malarkey (Kevin)
0 base (absent)
0 session (70 total)

Dorian Lowey (Nate)
0 session (27 total)

42-OB (Spencer)
15 base
+1 Great idea to post the fake bounty
16 session (99 total)

Session 04 - This Time With Eeling

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