Session 07 - Debt Collection

GM Note:

The group had just finished clearing out the asteroid base and sent Triz Dasha on her way via the Aurora Vex. Taking a survey of all the loot, the party realized that there was far more than their single ship could carry.

During the exploration of the base, the party finds a lone prisoner Luca Freamere – a slicer recently captured by the Brotherhood. Komorav had planned on using Luca’s skills to help raid the pirate stash and possibly more, but the slicer proved to be rather uncooperative.

Worried about Triz possibly coming back and taking THEIR loot, the party decides to move quickly. Everyone loads up the iron into the containers and then takes a single container of iron off to Exodus station. Once there, Woondau contacts 42-OB and said he needs to talk to him about something (Blackmail obligation!). The group decides to split up the party 3 ways to handle things more quickly.

(Group 1) – Kriv and Luca follow F4-X2 after its fugue state triggers. They track it to a terminal where the droid uploads the fake file to a data dead drop. Luca attempts to slice into the terminal to track where the file went. He finds the data drop butias unable to find out much more. Later, Luca discovers a small-time slicer Silv3rDrak3 has triggered the trap he set.

Kriv catches back up with F4-X2 and explains what had happened. He convinces the droid a memory wipe might be in order and the droid agrees. After that, the droid no longer has any virus or personality quirks (or personality at all). It’s a stock and out-of-date administrative droid a.k.a. “no divine spark”. It’s part of the loot now.

(Group 2) – 42-OB and Rabbit go speak to Woondau. Apparently there’s some settlers that are behind on their payments. Go collect the credits or steal the droid brain running some minor systems at their outpost. Should be an easy job. 42 agrees because it doesn’t feel it has much choice.

(Group 3) – Aerin and SV-3R begin searching for some buyers which takes some time. Group 1 and 2 catch up with Group 3 while Aerin is negotiating with a Dug captain. Things are going okay, and Aerin even manages to negotiate him up to 10,000 credits (half what the metal was worth) when an Imperial Captain interrupts the deal. After a few questions, she decides to take the conversation into a holding cell. As she asks more questions she becomes more suspicious. Rabbit offers her up the dead Komorav and the location of his secret pirate base. He even agrees to have the party stay in jail while she goes to check it out.

The captain splits up the party and questions everyone individually. Later the party realizes how badly their story fell apart, but for some reason she decides not to throw their asses into an Imperial spice mine. After she explores the base, she returns and offers up 10,000 more credits for everything she found in the base and offers a deal the party couldn’t refuse. Pay her 10,000 credits to re-register the Black Pig. The new ship name is The Superiority of Steel. It takes the party a few of days of jail time before they finally agree to her terms.

Flush with cash, Kriv buys some raw materials to upgrade some gear. Then the party heads off to Longshadow Outpost to go collect on the debt owed to Woondau.

Once the party arrives, they notice a couple of freshly installed gun turrets and a little battle damage. They meet with a few of the outpost citizens and buy a few rounds for others. They begin hearing different mundane stories of the town’s going ons: Someone got married recently, someone else got a job on a freighter, crazy Old Zeke saw a 30-meter thunder lizard. Etc. The party also learns that the turrets were installed to deal with pirate raids from the Void Wings (the pirates Komorav was joining before getting iced).

They meet with the leader of the town, Darrison Wahl, and begin figuring out how they would collect the debt. Several ideas are started, but the party isn’t on the same page with one another so the ideas keep getting interrupted before completion. Eventually 42-OB snaps and intimidates him, demanding the money or the droid brain. It works, but Wahl complains that it would kill the outpost. The droid brain controls damn near everything important – water purification, environmental, extraction management, etc.

The party has a crisis of conscience and decides to help pay the debt out of their own pocket. They sell the food at a discount and came up with the 5,000 credits owed. Darrison sends a trusted crew to make sure the money makes it back to Woondau and it did.

GM Note:

Splitting up the party takes less in-game time, but it also means people are sitting out of the action waiting for their turn. I prefer to avoid this, but sometimes it is a necessity. Also, we did a lot of book keeping there at the beginning of the session. This was a ton of loot, so I don’t expect this to be a common occurrence.
I think Erik said something along the lines of, “We had lots of good ideas when talking to Darrison, but they kept getting interrupted before they played all the way out.” We (including me) could have done a better job with that.

Bonus XP opportunities. Aj asked for a free XP to round out his total last week. I told him nope! No free rides! That being said there are ways to earn bonus XP. Writing in-character journal entries are a great way to get bonus XP. I also award xp for anything that adds fun to the game or makes my life easier as a GM. Spencer got some for drawing the Neesh Nok. Brenton got some for designing a new starship. Various players got some for adding coolness to Exodus Station.

Base Group XP:

+15 for the session
+1 for finding a way to make everyone happy.
+1 selling off all your phat lewts and getting a new ship name registered.

Individual XP:

Aerin Terix (Aidan)
17 base
17 for session (150 total)

Requ “Rabbit” Druxmia (Aj)
17 base
+1 Having a crisis of conscience
+1 doing the accounting thing for the party
19 session (68 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
17 base
+1 Getting 8 white force points in a row when rolling the morality die.
18 for session (160 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
17 base
17 session (141 total)

Malarkey (Kevin)
0 base (absent)
0 session (70 total)

Dorian Lowey (Nate)
0 base (absent)
0 session (27 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
17 Base
+10 First Game Bonus
27 total – In the future, expect around 15 xp a session

42-OB (Spencer)
17 base
17 session (149 total)

Session 07 - Debt Collection

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