Session 09 - Talon's Strike

The session begins on Exodus with the party’s desiring to meet Silv3rDrak3. Well, not so much meet as break into his house and steal all the information they are interested in. Aerin is called away from the group to go take care of some personal business. He tells them he’ll be away for a day or two, but for the party to have fun.

Luca conducts some background checks on Drak3 and figures out the kind of slicer that he is, mainly decryption and security. Luca comes up with an idea to hire Drak3 for a job to lure the slicer out of his home. Once he is hard at work trying to crack Luca’s encrypted file, everyone sneaks down to his apartment and breaks in.

Luca winds up getting 2 triumphs on his roll, so the group finds everything there is to find (in the apartment) and left no trace of their passing. First, there are holopicts of a pudgy Gran posing with a smoking hot pink Twi’lek named Cinnamon. More pictures were found on his computer with even less clothes. Apart from the eye candy you also found more information.

Apparently Silv3rDrak3 is working for someone named Pierce, yet another persona in this tangled web. Pierce pays Silv3rDrak3 to monitor this data drop, specifically for information pertaining to old xeno-archeology artifacts. There are some other data files detailing out 2-3 other minor pirates that are also joining the Void Wings. Recently the Komorav file said that it acquired a black stone tablet that matches the one the party has in their hold right now. That’s about the time Silv3rDrak3 finishes cracking the file the party gave him, so they left without incident.

On the way back to the Superiority of Steel, 42-OB radios to the rest of the party that an unscheduled delivery has arrived. When it tries to turn them away, the delivery crew promptly tries to slice their way past the ship’s locked door. Everyone sprints through Exodus Station to get back to the ship and put on space suits for the quick walk outside. SV-3R doesn’t have to bother with such trivial things so he is the first out the door. The Superiority of Steel is parked in the cheap section next to Mount Trashmore, where several automated garbage collectors scour the surface of the station and dump what they retrieve nearby.

About half-way between the airlock and the ship, SV-3R takes a blaster round in the chest from an unexpected direction. Perched atop another ship is a sniper with a blaster rifle. The party engages the intruders using the automated garbage collectors as cover.

Some highlights:

  • Rabbit engages the sniper 1 on 1 and they trade licks. Both get knocked down to less than 4 hp.
  • SV-3R guns down some minions.
  • Kriv guns down some more and finally made use of his awesome power armor crushing a few more minions.
  • Luca slices into the enemy ship to lock the landing gear. The despair caused him to lock ALL the ships down in the immediate area including the PC’s ship.
  • A stray shot from Unity’s blaster cannons causes a trashed jetpack to explode stirring up a nest of void rats.

Station security shows up and starts blasting the attackers’ ship. Rabbit and Blake were still fighting on the hull of the ship at the time. Blake disengages and dove back into his ship Unity. Rabbit leaps off the ship right before it takes off.

Station security orders the Superiority of Steel to power down and prepare to be boarded. After some quick medical attention for Rabbit and repairs for SV-3R, the party begins their own investigation while waiting. Apparently the Black Talons were looking for the stone tablet in their hold.

Zhep Fahr, the security agent who wanted to kill Kin Raj’as for swindling her out of her (now Rabbit’s) custom pistol, shows up to take statements and survey damage. Kriv is quick to speak up and tell Zhep about how these jerks trashed your ship and in the process broke your perfectly functioning bacta tank. She believes the lie about the bacta tank and adds it to the list of damages. After a short investigation with the other ships in the area, Krignaag the Hutt sends her apologies and invites the group to dine with her that evening.

The party puts on its least crappy clothes and heads to dinner. The dining hall has a long, solid wood table which sags under the weight of various exotic foods. Several guests sit along its length with seats made available for the party. Servants bring food to a second table on a raised platform. The upper ranks of important station personnel dine there. Krignaag sits in the back of the room atop a hover-sled with two scantily clad men feeding her small living creatures. Flanking her are a protocol droid and an assassin droid. She holds audience with anyone who has business with her, but they’re too far away for anyone to make out what they’re saying.

The party’s presence is announced but mostly ignored by the other patrons. The party discusses its options, even entertaining the idea of using their information to start moving up the Hutt’s ranks. Ultimately, they decide to sit on the information for now. After dinner, the party is treated to decent medical attention and more luxurious treatment. They’re also informed of the 10,000 credit bounty Krignaag has put on the leader of the Black Talons.

Between healing, massages, and stuffing themselves full of delicious foods, the party decides to start following up on the tablet. At least three people are interested in it: The Collector, Imperial Admiral Stultz, and Unknown Assassin aka Lady McCree (original owner of Rabbit’s custom gun). The profitable route is to somehow get in touch with the Collector so they try to contact Rasmus only to find out that she’s missing as is the Neesh Nok. SV-3R is wanted for questioning back on GX-176.

Kriv flips a destiny point and remembers a partially complete tracking device he was working on in the hold of the Neesh Nok. With Luca’s help, they write a holonet worm that tries to reactivate it. A few days later… It does!

SV-3R plots a quick course to the coordinates to an unknown system in the outer rim. Coming out of hyperspace, there’s a small debris field of a long forgotten space battle orbiting the moon of a gas giant. The largest piece of debris is the broken (and completely looted) hull of a Corellian corvette. The abandoned Neesh Nok drifts nearby.

Exploring the Nok doesn’t reveal much more information. Some of Rasmus’s blood is in one of the cabins and the rest of them have been torn apart. Drawers are dumped out on the floor, access panels removed, and the place is generally a wreck.

And that’s where we called it.

GM Note:

  • I made a more dynamic battle field for the combat and that got a big thumbs up.
  • I had a little trouble interpreting success with 1 threat results. 1 strain seemed a bit lame after a
  • We learned that rivals are about on par with PC’s as far as power level goes. Engaging one in 1 on 1 combat can be rough especially when they have the advantage of cover and range.


  • (6) blaster pistols
  • (1) repaired and refilled bacta tank
  • (1) Neesh Nok
  • Spent some credits on better armor and other stuff (You wrote it down not me)

Base Group XP:

+15 for the session
+1 Good use of dynamic terrain
+1 Good work tracking down the Neesh Nok.
17 session total

Aerin Terix (Aidan)
0 base (absent)
0 Session (168 total)

Requ “Rabbit” Druxmia (Aj)
17 base
+10 Lowbie catch up bonus
27 session (134 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
17 base
+1 saying that the explosion was caused by a discarded jet pack was freaking hilarious
18 for session (197 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
17 base
+1 Getting the Bact Tank Repaired
+1 Flipping a destiny point to give a shot at finding the Neesh Nok
19 session (180 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
17 Base
+10 Lowbie catch up bonus
27 session – (75 total)

Session 09 - Talon's Strike

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