Session 10

Session 10 Summary – Picking up the Pieces… of Rasmus

Dr. Tossk Maersk joins the crew! He may not have gone to a fancy medical school, but he’s known for his expertise in the field of cybernetics. Since Kriv had some business to take care of and 42-OB is without legs, Dr. Maersk makes a great addition to the crew.

At a loss for what to do next, the party heads back to Exodus Station. After a short jaunt through hyperspace, the Superiority of Steel receives a message from Blake Yamada. “You’ve got something I want, I’ve got something you want. Call me and let’s make a trade.”

Blake reveals that he and his crew have kidnapped Rasmus, and they want to trade her for the relic. Aerin Terix chooses the Longshadow Outpost for the exchange. He agrees to meet tomorrow, but threatens to kill Rasmus if there’s any funny business.

Not wanting to just make the trade, the party discusses plans to capture Blake alive, take his ship, and leave the rest of the Black Talons facedown in the dirt.

The crew heads to the bazaar to purchase some funny business supplies, namely a few ion grenades and material to make a forgery. Dr. Maersk sets about crafting a forgery/bomb combo. Also purchased: some armor and camo netting for the Neesh Nok.

The party travels to the exchange site and starts setting up. Darrison, the settlement’s leader, meets the party at the dock and has a few questions about his missing people. A couple of weeks ago, Aerin directed the party to subdue these guys so that Woondau El could use them as leverage to make sure Darrison kept up on his payments. Aerin lies and says he hasn’t seen them. Darrison asks for the group to keep an eye out and thanks the group a second time for being such swell people. Some of the PC’s think it’s odd that Woondau hasn’t made any mention of his hostages to Darrison.

Darrison offers to start paying some of his debt back with a small amount of credits, but Dr. Maersk suggests taking some of the high tensile polymer at cost instead.

Next, the trandoshan makes his way to the outposts medical facilities to see if he can ply his trade. He diagnoses the unconscious polymer puller with blue lung, a terminal condition that can only be avoided by full lung replacement. Dr. Maersk looks around sees enough extra supplies to attempt to cobble some cyber lungs together and sets to work.

SV-3R grabs some high ground to scout out the surrounding area, Rabbit secures a worker’s uniform, and Luca probes some of the defenses to see how hard it will be to take over the defense turrets. That’s about the time the Unity shows up. Blake radios Aerin and says since we’re both here early, let’s make the trade now.

Blake sends a huge slab of muscle and a goon along with Rasmus out to meet Aerin. Aerin calls Darrison and asks him to hassle the crew of the Unity while the deal goes down. Dr. Maersk’s forgery is good enough to get past the slow witted Brugo, but he raises some concerns with his boss over the comm. Aerin uses some big words confusing Brugo, so Brugo goes through the parts of the plan he knows. You get lady. Me get stone. You mess around, lady go boom.

Aerin escorts the limping Rasmus back to the ship. No one tells Dr. Maersk to change the original plan, so while he’s elbow deep in a guy’s chest cavity he triggers the trapped tablet. A blast of ion energy along with some screams can be heard from _Unity_’s open cargo bay. About 30 seconds later, the grenades strapped to Rasmus’s chest start beeping. Aerin looks at Rasmus, Rasmus looks at Aerin…


A very short combat ensues. Luca uses the backdoor he planted earlier to start up the Unity and drive it into a sand dune. Blake leaps off and gets tagged by SV-3R from a long range slugthrower shot. Then Rabbit pulls off his worker’s cap and blasts the t-total hell out of him. Apparently large scale ion blasts attract Thunder lizards so the party has to fight their way back to the ship dragging the unconscious Blake with them.

The Superiority of Steel lifts off and strafes the crashed Unity with its ion cannon. Unity finally frees itself and starts shooting. It misses with its concussion missile launcher but lands a solid hit knocking out half the hull of the SoS. The ships trade a few licks, Rabbit blasts the missile out of the sky at the last moment. Both ships are 1 hit away from destruction when the defensive turrets come online and they demand both ships land or they’ll start shooting.

Darrison talks to both crews. Not sure what to make of this bullshit, he decides to let both ships go as soon as Dr. Maersk finishes his surgery (a triumphant success).

Aerin crawls into the bacta tank and we learn how fast that heals people up… FAST. After making it most of the way back to Exodus to turn in Blake for the reward, Aerin climbs back out so he can question Blake.

Blake agrees to tell the group everything he knows in exchange for his freedom. He also says he won’t be talking until he’s off of this ship. Aerin waves his hand saying, “You can trust me.” and Blake begins spilling his guts.

  • The stone tablet was on its way to The Collector when the Komorav Brotherhood hit the transport and stole it.
  • Admiral Stultz put out some teams to go track them down and try and capture them. (Triz gave you guys a heads up about this)
  • Your ship was registered as a pirate reclamation from the Brotherhood.
  • The Black Talons (and probably others) were hired to get the tablet for 10,000 credits.
  • They tried on Exodus, but failed.
  • Knowing the pc’s worked with Rasmus, they kidnapped her to try and force a trade.
  • He gave the party a way to contact Admiral Stultz.
  • He also told you about how to find the Neesh Nok, but you didn’t need that info.

After he answered all their questions, Dr. Maersk sedated him. Even though the party promised to let him go, the lure of 10,000 credits and need for vengeance proves too great. A squad of Hutt enforcers led by Zhep Fahr comes by to pick up Blake’s unconscious form.

Post Mortum

Ship combat is fun (but dangerous!) both ships were about one hit away from getting taken out. I was one success away… Good job blasting that missile out of the air. :)

Someone mentioned that they didn’t think SV-3R should be profiting from this session since its obligation (Owned by Rasmus) is what caused the session in the first place. To “get out of the obligation (Rasmus killed)” and “get a free ship” seems to generous. Rest assured everyone, this was a BOTCHED obligation trigger and shall be handled accordingly…all in good time.


  • Blake’s Blaster Rifle (160) (sorry, I thought it was a slug thrower)
    Dam 9, crit 3, Long range, HP 2/4
  • Marksman Barrel – increase range +2 cumbersome.
  • Telescopic Optical Sight – reduce difficulty of lr shots by 1
  • Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Padded Armor – 2 soak, 0 def, 0 HP
  • About 1000 credits worth of high tensile polymer.
  • Rasmus Giblets
  • 10,000 credits from turning in Blake to Krignaag so he can be tortured for the rest of his life. Probably a day tops.
  • Neesh Nok

Base Group XP

+15 for the session
-5 Losing Rasmus
+1 flipping a Destiny Point to have thunder lizards attack. It wasn’t tactically the best thing to do, but it was awesome. :)
+1 Learning things from Blake
12 session total

Individual XP:

Aerin Terix (Aidan)
12 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Giving into the darkside
14 Session (172 total)

Requ “Rabbit” Druxmia (Aj)
12 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 Blasting missile out of the air
+10 Lowbie catchup bonus – I think this will be your last lowbie catchup bonus.
24 session (158 total)

SV-3R (Brenton)
12 base
+4 Pizza x 4
+3 redrawing the Neesh Nok and sending that out
19 for session (216 total)

Kriv Mizzix (Erik)
0 base (absent)
0 session (180 total)

Dr. Tossk Maersk (Julie)
12 base
+1 Pizza
+10 first session bonus
+10 lowbie catch up bonus
+1 Getting high tensile polymer for debt payment
+1 Replacing a guy’s lungs with stuff you cobbled together.
35 session (35 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
12 Base
+1 eating Healthy
+1 Setting up a trojan backdoor to allow you to put the Unity nose first into the sands
+10 Lowbie catch up bonus
+3 cool backstory
27 session – (102 total)

Session 10

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