Session 13

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Session 13 Summary – A Fresh Start

TODO – Make Characters for these guys/Clean up introduction

  • Aidan: Space Wizard – Nearhuman (green skin & tattoos)
  • Aj: Heavy weapon/melee character – Tank/DPS – Twilek Female tomboy
  • Brenton: Xenoarchaeologist/Non-Combat Leader, brainy type. Minor medical skills. – Brains/Xenos – Bird guy
  • Erik: Maybe Kriv – Bounty Hunter/Combat Leader – DPS/Tactical support – Nikto
  • Ryan: Playing Luca, maybe with some rework. – Brains/Technical – Hacking – Human

Luca Freamere is the only member of the original group still adventuring, so he’s the only one concerned with the tablet that was dropped off with the Exodus Station station scientists for analysis. He tries to track down The Collector’s handler but only manages to contact one of his teams of Xeno Arachaeologists instead. They agree to put him in contact with Marcus for a cut of the profits.

Visit Scientists – learn about different properties of the “stone” tablet.

  • Actually it’s not stone at all, and in fact is constructed of inert nanites.
  • The inscribed pictograms are likely part of an elaborate formula
  • The material has similar properties to Cortosis

Accosted by Lady McCree

  • Decides not to attack since the PC’s are carrying serious firepower
  • Warns them away from uncovering the mystery.
  • Later on we learn the name of this person is Content Not Found: victoria
  • Disappears into the crowd

Call Markus who sends them to The Collector who is extremely excited to acquire this new piece. Apparently he’s a disembodied head in a big aquarium, and his collection is pretty cool.

  • A single reptilian scale nearly a foot long
  • A fuming bowl containing a plant made of ice
  • A terrarium that appears to house tiny winged humanoids
  • Most of a suit of Mandalorian Power Armor
  • A spider like droid with intricate gold armor
  • Two Light Sabers on display
  • The statue that the first group recovered
  • The rest of the tablet

Put the tablet together which fused the three pieces into one. An explosion of blue Force energy washed over the room (and later we found out washed over the planet). Then the tablet projected a hologram of a structure rising from the ground.

After some stiff negotiations (rediscuss at table), agreed to head out to the deciphered formula, setup a base camp, and retrieve whatever cool trinkets you find for the Collector.

Flew out there, slow and steady, astrogating a new path to the destination. The planet is a temparate/dry world with several different biomes. Scanning the planet reveals the large structure in an arid/deserty location. Nearby are some primitive natives that you fly over and ignore on your way to the black tower that seemingly has errupted from the ground.

Land the ship on top of the structure. The top depression is filled with about 2 meters of sand. We repel down the side to the high doorways and draw the attention a swarm of hostile alien winged creatures.

Post Mortem

I feel like the reboot was good for the game. We seemed a lot more focused this time around. I’m also really digging the new characters. I didn’t write up the session summary until it was a couple days before the next Game Day so the post mortem wasn’t fresh on my mind. I’ll try to be quicker about that next time.


Delivered nanite tablet
10,000 credits

Base Group XP

+15 for the session
+1 Decent roleplay and Mostly on task
16 session total

Individual XP:

Baern (Aidan)
16 base
+1 Pizza fund
17 Session (217 total)

Lilly (Aj)
16 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 RP – Your tough girl act was nicely done
18 Session (218 total)

Ezrahi Al’Hazaad (Brenton)
16 base
+1 Portrait
+1 Spending time and effort to draw it yourself
18 for session (251 total)

Grim (Erik)
16 base
+1 Pizza fund
+1 RP – I felt like you did a great job with your money hungry merc
18 session (218 total)

Luca Freamere (Ryan)
0 Asent
0 Session (200 total)

Session 13

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